Logan P. McCoy

by Logan P. McCoy



released July 20, 2013


all rights reserved



Logan P. McCoy Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: A Prayer For Redemption
A Prayer For Redemption

I know the past is gone
And the future unknown
But the present is mine
It’s the only gift I own

I'm throwing poems at rhythm,
Hoping to find some wisdom
Behind these bars I've written.
Looking to find some freedom
Before I'm finished with living
And banished to a realm forbidden.
I find I'm bibbing spirits
Hoping to really feel it.
My soul is growing cold,
That’s why I’m sewing oats
Call it a holy toast,
Straight to the Lord o' hosts.
I'm asking pull me close,
I'm starting to hear my ghosts.
They scream and loudly boast
Poze will abandon post.
This feeling lumps my throat,
But a bit too strong choke.
So help me break this yoke,
Don't let me hang like strange fruit,
I'm asking to change roots.


I'm spitting sharing my vision
I keep ‘em hidden in rhythm
But your spirit can hear them
If you're open and willing
If it's yours you'll get them
Then your soul is risen
Homie the goal is living
We all choose our limits
I say mine can't finish
Speaking spirit in English
To keep darkness diminished
It's not the sharpness o' lyrics
But the heart to just live it
So I speak what I mimic
While here on my visit
The son of light has risen
The sign o' christ is given
Buddha’s in it within HIM
That's the reason I'm slinging
These words I'm stringing
They're jewels for bringing
Light to minds: just sing it
I'm bright, it's written
Here to enlighten the smitten
I ain’t leaving or quitting
Till the spirit is quickened
And kicking like the rhythm of living

Track Name: Dirty Dancer
Dirty Dancer

Yea baby
I like the way you move
When you’re dong them splits
It jiggles a bit,
Baby I’m losing my wits
Yea baby
I like the way you move
When you gyrate your hips
I start to get stiff
Baby I’m losing my grip
Yea baby
I like the way you move

She had a red dress
Picture her dress less
Picture her legs spread
Body the best yet
Probably the best sex
We should be breast friends
I would caress them
She caught me just then
Staring all at her thighs
That’s when she opens wide
Doing the butterfly
Mommy got me to rise
Got me wanting the prize
At attention but I’m high
Pupils dilated, she’s gyrating,
I’m hypnotized she’s fly,
And so erotic

She had me quixotic
All the tricks she had it
Body language was magic
She can make you an addict
Make you come at it
Like you can’t live without it


Mommy got on the floor
Man she had me in awe
Doing a split and all
She was riding the floor
Like she was riding a horse
Go on get ye up girl
Keep on rocking my world
Can you make it applaud
She started clapping her cheeks
Then she got on her knees
Hard to believe
She’s doing a headstand
Grinding her hips man
Moving to music
Like screwing the music
She was really erotic

Track Name: A Secret Life
A Secret Life

What's done in secret
Will surely come to light
Careful what you're seeking
You'll surely come to find
Life has a secret
Seeing too much can blind
Careful what you're seeking
You burn too close to light

He caught a hole in his head
On the spot he was dead
On his body it read
"That should cover our debt"
Scene was covered with feds
Somebody wanted him dead
Hell of a guy to lose
A young family confused
The news shocked his friends
Crying out why
I mean it didn't make sense
Wasn't that type of a dude
But that's a lie, not true
Leading two lives, a natural
Feeding two minds yet rational
He was a good guy on one side
But a monster who took bribes
A gangster he took life
By the throat and squeezed
He didn't look like the streets
But he was taught by the streets
He caused lives to cease
Using the long arm to reach
He'd strong arm to feast
Using a shield and a piece
He started a good cop
But ended a rogue cop
End of the road caught
Dead he’s a cold corpse
Karma's your own fault

Life's a game of balance
Gotta tare the scale
Too hot you're cold
Too cold you burn
Everyday the challenge
Gotta tare the scale
Life's a game of balance
Hope you're playing it well


She was daddy's little girl
And daddy was a preacher
The preacher's little girl
A fine little creature
Was a Sunday school teacher
With a few extra features
Like her two deep secrets
Being touched by a preacher
She's felt dirty since
Who do you tell daddy sins
When mama's blind to hints
Daddy's buying her drinks
Now she's three months late
She just stays awake
Thinking of running away
Or putting one in her brain
Thoughts of numbing her pain
Has her pumping her veins
All she's feeling is rage
Her heart-pumping out hate
Somebody's gotta pay
He didn't see it coming
First blow did numb him
Then they just kept coming
The bible he was thumbing
Had his blood all on it
Having gotten what she wanted
She went up to the roof
And slowly took off her shoes
Quietly whispering it's done
Knowing her time had come
She took a deep breath and jumped

Track Name: Cruisin'

Cruising is you and me moving
Together in harmony like music
I love it,
I love it when we’re cruising

Cruising is you and me moving
Together in harmony like music
Let’s do it
I’m keeping rhythm
Just follow my lead
Don’t swallow it, breathe
You can moan along
Ma! Get your solo on
Cruising is made for loving let’s do it
I choose you babe for lovin’
Music is made by lovers grooving
Babe let’s do it
Hey beloved it’s our duty
Babe you’ll love it, we can do this
Sharing love makes us humans
I love it when we’re cruising


You and I baby girl,
We can cruise around the world
Around the world
You and I baby girl,
We can cruise around the world
Around the world
You’ll love it girl
You’ll, you’ll, you’ll love it
You’ll love it girl
You’ll, you’ll, you’ll love it
You’ll love it girl
You’ll, you’ll, you’ll love it


Cruising is you and me sounding
Like heavenly melodies in music
Let’s do it
I’ll listen to your twins speak
Paying attention for directions
On mounting your twin peaks
Where the fountain of life seeps
Why doubt it, the high is sweet
My darling, to the highest reach
We’re cruising,
Like sounds in the music moving
Through moments evoking
This feeling we’re knowing
Babe this feeling is golden
Let’s get lost in the music
I love it when we’re cruising

Track Name: A Life In Limbo feat. Lady Kay
This limbo, feeling caught in this limbo. Now I gotta go.

You ask me to read between the lines. Not sure what I might find. Feeling caught, this limbo. Kinda caught in this limbo.

Verse 1
A lotta times you feel nothing. So you'd do anything just to feel something. You blow your brains, you poke your veins. Yet still, you're just so stained. Even long after it fades, your troubles still stay. So you double again, only to find you've doubled your pain; can't drown it away. Still empty inside, you're tempting desire. You wanna run and hide, maybe even expire. But you're afraid, oh you're so afraid. You know it'll hurt, you know it takes work. But you're afraid, so you chase your tail. Running in circles, all in vain. It's on your arms, running laps. Now, the monkey's on your back.


I hope the truth is what I find. I hope I find that light.


Verse 2
There in the bathroom mirror, the person you hate. You're feeling alone thinking no person can relate. You're asking that person if you're still sane. You used to be so happy, what's changed? You wonder if you're still the same. Seems strange but you feel the same. Maybe not really but that you claim. The person in the mirror looks back ashamed. You can't face him, you break the mirror in shame. Blood stains you porcelain sink. You think to use you blood for ink. Such a poetic way to go: "He wrote his suicide note in blood". The you head floods with ideas that make you scared. You can't die yet, you're not prepared. So you clean up and leave for work. You smile for friends, but they don't know you hurt.

Track Name: Decaying Relations
Decaying Relations

Such is life
People grow apart
Hearts collide
Then their souls depart

What we shared has dissolved
I don't care anymore
Let's let it die right here
I don't wanna go on
This is end of our song
Let's not sing anymore
My heart is frozen I'm numb
My heart is frozen I'm numb

We're just playing ourselves
There's no flame just ashes
Let's not blame ourselves
There's really no passion
Growing this far apart
There's just no masking
There's a space in my heart
The one thing I'm asking
Let's agree to just part
Now I'm licking my wounds
I need some time to heal
At this time let's chill
Maybe next time will be real
But only time will reveal
No one is really at fault
Ours is missing the salt
There's no flavor at all
Our behavior is off
Look we hardly talk
We are strangers baby
Let's be true to ourselves
I wanna love you Lady
Without me cheating myself
I'm tired of grieving in stealth


We had the best of times
As well the worst of times
We shared our minds
Body and souls
Not spared by time
Look apart we've grown
Baby, no really I groan
I don't wanna be gone
But this is healthy no more
Our bodies are here
But we are present no more
We don't try anymore
Like we don't care anymore
I don't care anymore
I'm sure you've noticed
But we're still just going
We're nursing a stillborn
Thinking what am I doing
I wanna feel more
You've gotta leave me to thaw
Don't give me your thoughts
We've been there before
It's just a revolving door
I'm dizzy just you leave me to walk

Track Name: Love Again
Love Again

I wanna touch again
Wanna kiss again
Wanna love again
Like we first met
I wanna talk again
Take a walk again
Fall in love again
Like we first met

Yeah we've gone a while
Still I love your smile
Through the many trials
All the ups and downs
All the run-arounds
Girl we're still around
Thanks for sticking around
You're a blessing doll
Thanks for catching my fall
You became a friend
On whom I do depend
You're a blessing doll
Thanks for catching my fall
I couldn't love again
My heart was broken in
Love you brought me in
Love you help me heal
Let me hold your hands
Love you helped me feel
Don't wanna lose the feel
Let's grow old together
You and I can build
And hold a home together
You and I can still
Roam the globe together
Baby the bond is there
We should dream together
To keep the steam forever
Let's keep the theme together
Let's keep the theme together
Let's keep the theme together
Let's keep the theme together


We've had our share of fights
Yet we made amends
We've had our fears of flight
Yet we made them end
You and I to the end
Be the sound to my wind
I'll be the frown to your grin
Please hand me your pain
Don't try to hold it in
You say I'm a little insane
You're the part of me that's sane
No we can't be the same
Two sides of a coin
Two lives that are joined
By a glue they call love
You, therefore, love
Are still my only island
My one and only darling
We both know not to doubt it
That's something to be proud of
You help me heal
Let me hold your hands
Love you helped me feel
Don't wanna lose the feel
Let's grow old together
You and I can build
And hold a home together
You and I can still
Roam the globe together
Baby the bond is there
We should dream together
To keep the steam forever

Track Name: Logan P. McCoy
Logan P. McCoy

N Y… N Y P
And Why? I’m a champion!

I ain't gotta show off or showboat,
To show y'all my soul glows.
New York Poze homie, a flow pro:
The quickest mind in the east.
Laying on top of beats I'm a beast.
Speaking I speed heart rates to peak.
Listen, I touch you with speech,
And a touch o' mystique.
Such a daring bold feat,
Indeed and I can do it in sleep.
New York P is perpetually
Picture perfectly ready.
Even when I'm scared my aim is steady.
I train and study to gain an aim as steady.
I'm like a tri-pod with flow;
I fill up I-Pods with flow.
I'll have your folks screaming my god he's dope.
Mic all he spoke.
Still nothin'll get me amped to floss or flam.
Fam can't force my hand.

My stance is grand when I talk for sport
To touch the thoughts o' man.
My man I am that man who can
Command your corpse to stand.
Off course you botch the plan
When you doubt I can.
I expand my spark to span the rest of time.
I testify in rhyme
Thoughts that stretch out my spine.
Liquid heat in person,
I'm bigger than life, I shine.
Other than that, I don't really rhyme;
I mine to peddle some jewels
To you meddlesome fools.
This is medicinal food,
Human body approved
Lyrics to flavor this life
You limit with insipid living.
I spit you sauce in lyrics, salsa for spirit.
There's spice in his rhythm, Life in his wisdom.
Medicine man I mix it
For the likes of you to thump in your system.
Crank it up, I'm insisting.
I touch the mic for you,
It might be you filling my shoes
When I'm thoroughly through
And leave this game.
Til then, NYP'll remain,
The only prince to have reigned.
New York P. 's my name.


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